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Deep Time Walk Script: Who knows what ancient memory, what drop of the first rain, what whiff of primordial sulphur, you might not jostle in your own strata?

For the past six months, Peter Oswald and Stephan Harding have been writing, researching, refining and collaborating together on the creation of the script for the Deep Time Walk experience. This script was recorded on April 11th 2016 at Cast Iron Studios in London with the actors Chipo Chung and Paul Hilton. Here, Peter writes […]

Welcome to the Deep Time Walk website!

We have great pleasure in announcing that the website for the Deep Time Walk project is now live. On the site you will find information about the walk, the new mobile application under development, a brief history of how the project came together and an overview of the team working on the project. This blog will be used to give […]

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Deep Time Walk is a project by Schumacher College, part of the Dartington Hall Trust and Geoff Ainscow from Conscious Elders Network