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New videos of our Science Director viewed over 2m times

Stephan Harding, our Science Director, was recently filmed for a major new documentary about the economist David Fleming. Two initial short videos (which have been viewed over 2 million time on social media) have been released for this, including one on the Deep Time Walk.


As Empathy Media – the producers of the video – say, the Deep Time Walk is “an amazing way to feel in your body the age and the development of our planet Earth.” Do take a look at this walk which was experienced as part of the pedagogy at Schumacher College, part of the Dartington Hall Trust in Devon, UK.

What do you think of this? The producers of the film are now opening up the project for collaboration about the unique vision of the radical economist, David Fleming, and are putting online short tasters as they film them.

Do check out the wider project at http//

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Deep Time Walk is a project by Schumacher College, part of the Dartington Hall Trust and Geoff Ainscow from Conscious Elders Network