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Deep Time Walk live at Edinburgh International Science Festival

In partnership with the Edinburgh Geological Society, we have announced that the ground-breaking Deep Time Walk Mobile Guide – which brings to life Earth’s 4.6-billion-year history – will be performed live at the Edinburgh International Science Festival this April. During the six performances, which run from Thursday 5th April to Saturday 7th April, actors portraying […]

James Lovelock endorses Deep Time Walk

We are pleased to have an endorsement for the Deep Time Walk project from the well known scientist James Lovelock. On talking with Stephan Harding, our Science Director, he commented how impressed he was with the Deep Time Walk. “As the originator of the Gaia hypothesis, I can vouch from personal experience that the Deep Time Walk […]

Stephan Harding speaks about the Deep Time Walk at Yann Tiersen’s sell-out concert in the Royal Albert Hall

The Deep Time Walk App made an appearance earlier this week at the Royal Albert Hall when Stephan Harding, our Science Director, was invited by Yann Tiersen to give a 30 minute talk about deep ecology, to open his sell-out music concert in London. During the talk, Stephan spoke about the power of the Deep Time Walk as an […]

New videos of our Science Director viewed over 2m times

Stephan Harding, our Science Director, was recently filmed for a major new documentary about the economist David Fleming. Two initial short videos (which have been viewed over 2 million time on social media) have been released for this, including one on the Deep Time Walk.   As Empathy Media – the producers of the video – say, the […]

Education that inspires – Deep Time Walk in action

In this article, written by Denise Curi, she explains how the Deep Time Walk is being used in an education setting. “The Deep Time Walk is a powerful tool to inspire us to learn profound scientific concepts through the simple act of walking. At the same time, it is a methodology that makes use of the Four Ways […]

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Deep Time Walk is a project by Schumacher College, part of the Dartington Hall Trust and Geoff Ainscow from Conscious Elders Network